Protects you from vibrations and ensures a comfortable and safe ride.
Absorbs vibrations and perspiring, does not make you sweat.

Most of the professional drivers suffer back pain caused by constant vibrations that stress the muscular and skeleton system.
The micro springs inside Coxy’s 3D NET fabric have been designed to absorb vibrations and ensure the highest level of comfort regardless of the duration of the ride.
COXY CAR, thanks to the air flowing, properly manage the seating temperature, making the seat warm in winter and cool in summer.


COXY® CAR: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

The use of our cushion pad on the car seat increases the level of safety, slowing the progression of fatigue and, in absence of those aches and pains typical of prolonged driving, allowing you to keep a high level of concentration.
In addition, in order to properly manage the high-frequency vibrations resulting from the rolling of the tires, it prevents the onset of those pathologies resulting from prolonged exposure.

Our car cushion pad is NOT a simple seat cover because it does not protect just the seat but, more important, it gives you its benefits, guaranteeing comfort and freshness during the driving session and in any season, keeping constant the temperature of the surface in touch with the human body.

To satisfy all the needs. The single seat provides all the benefits of our three-dimensional fabric, the double version is for those who want a softer seating and the back&seat model satisfies those who want to properly manage the sweating of the back.
In addition we also offer the version for scooters and motorcycles.

All the benefits are present from the beginning, however it is necessary to keep in mind that prolonged sessions without any support may have caused the squeezing of the gluteal muscles and an excessive use of the hip flexors, therefore a short period of adaptation may be necessary to allow to the gluteal muscles to regain the necessary tone.

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