No more hassles, pains and tingles.
Preventing the compression of blood vessels it promotes circulation.

Long seating can be harmful to health. Coxy Cushion protects you, avoiding the occlusion of blood vessels caused by the crushing of the skin and securing a perfect blood circulation.
Suitable for any kind of chair, it’ light and compact, so that you can always bring it together with you.
Simply perfect by the sanitary point of view, you can even use it even in public places, because it does not absorb smells and humidity.


COXY® CUSHION: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

During prolonged sitting sessions, blood circulation is obstructed by pressure peaks resulting from the crushing of the gluteal muscles, causing pain and discomfort in back and legs. Hence the need for a support able to keep the part of the body in contact with the seat raised and in the meanwhile ensure a high level of comfort and a pleasant sensation of freshness.

In addition to all the properties already listed, the thickness of only 1 centimeter makes our seat cushion light and easily portable so, able to support you wherever you go.
Furthermore, it is made of 100% PET, you can wash it easily and uncountable times in order to guarantee the highest level of hygiene.

The COXY® cushion pads are also perfect to be used on buses, trains and airplanes as they manage even high frequency vibrations in the best way. High frequency vibrations are not perceived but very harmful to the human body.

The 40x40cm dimensions are suitable for any kind of chair, and the non-slip bottom layer guarantees sitting stability on any surface.

The standard version has a thickness of 10mm, able to guarantee the highest level of performance and comfort; however we offer a version with an additional 7mm layer, for those who want a softer seating, while achieving a further increased level of support and breathability.

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