Horse get less tired and achieve better performance.

Slowing down the fatigue progression and properly managing the sweating, horses will be able to improve their performance and reduce recovery times.
It is made in a single piece (no stitching) and thanks to the high level of support it’s a suitable tool to prevent bruising.
It does not fear frequent washing and dries quickly.


COXY® HORSE: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

Our saddle pads are designed to protect the horse from every point of view, from the support of the load on the back resulting from the high elastic force of the three-dimensional fabric, to the vaporisation of the sweat, thanks to the absorption properties of the lower layer of bamboo fibers and breathability and thermal properties of the three-dimensional fabric.
Furthermore, the benefits extend to those ones who ride, guaranteeing rhythm and dynamism.

Our saddle pads are non-deformable, wearing resistant and frequently washable, ensuring the same level of performance even after several sessions.

In consideration of their numerous properties, our saddles can be used in any discipline but we currently present models for Endurance, Gallop and Jumping. We will present further models shortly.

They are used not only in national and international competitions, but they have been developed in cooperation with experienced professionals.

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