Only the best for our Pets.
You bring it everywhere and wash it as often as you want.


It’s a good practice to take care of the environment in which we rest, finally we can give our pets the same comfort we seek for us.
As per the best mattresses, COXY PET prevents pressure peaks and guarantees high breathability. With its anti-decubitus properties it is also the optimal solution for periods of convalescence.
Furthermore, it does not absorb liquids and is washable and can be sanitized as often as needed.


COXY® PET: FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)

COXY® PET reduces the pressure on the animal’s body and thus avoid the onset of unpleasant neck, back and paws discomfort. Made of 100% polyester, they do not absorb liquids and odours and are resistant to wear and abrasion.

The thickness of COXY® PET is strictly linked to the material they are made of and defined on the basis of the level of performance to be guaranteed. 
COXY® PET are made with a three-dimensional material with extraordinary elastic strength which, in just 1 centimeter thickness, guarantees the highest level of performance in terms of support, weight distribution and breathability, so much that they are recommended by veterinary rehabilitation centers for animals that need a period of hospitalization or home caring.

COXY® PET are available in 5 versions in order to fully satisfy the needs of the animal regardless of its size, both in terms of size and level of guaranteed performance.

All COXY® products are suitable for frequent hand and machine (up to 40 ° C) washing.
For daily cleaning we recommend the use of neutral detergents but, for a deeper cleaning, it is possible to use spray degreasers on the entire surface or only on the area to be sanitised, and then proceed immediately with washing.

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