FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions)


All COXY® products are made by an innovative three-dimensional fabric, made of polyester fibers characterized by an extraordinary elastic force properly distributing the load, guaranteeing that level of performance that only COXY® products are able to provide.

Thanks to the shape and arrangement of the inner polyester fibers, the weight is distributed evenly, reducing pressure peaks and stimulating blood circulation. In addition, thanks to its breathability, it facilitates the passage of air and promotes heat exchange, always guaranteeing the optimum temperature even during prolonged use. 
Finally, the high elastic force allows the fabric to always return to its original state, allowing COXY® products to be non-deformable and very resistant to wear.

Our fabric is 100% PET therefore, in addition to be easily recyclable, it does not absorb liquids, odours and bacteria.

All COXY® products, as per our company policy, are made in Italy using only the three-dimensional fabric developed, patented and produced in Japan exclusively for us by our partner company. 
Hence our motto “Japanese Technology – Italian Design“.


COXY® products are shipped by express courier within one week after order reception date and related payment, with expected delivery within 2 days from the date of shipment.

For shipments in Italy, the shipping costs will be calculated based on the address/location indicated.

Once you have purchased our products, you can try them and eventually return them to us within 14 days from the date of Your reception.

Payment for the purchase of COXY® products can be made by:

4.1) Bank transfer
It is possible to purchase our products by bank transfer to be made at the time of the order by referring to the following bank details:

Beneficiary: GM Savio srl
Bank: Intesa San Paolo – Branch of Rivoli (TO)
IBAN: IT15H0306930870100000070044

Please send request: shop@coxy.it