Coxy Cushion / Double Layer


The double layer provides a soft sitting sensation, further increasing (with respect to the single layer version) support and breathability levels.
Suitable for any kind of chairs, you can carry it anywhere due to its compactness.
Being easily washable and sanitizable, it’s definitely the right solution for sitting in public spaces (offices, buses, trains, airplanes, public gardens, …). Do not absorb humidity and odours.
Non-slip base for added stability.
Available sizes: cm 40×40, cm 43×43, cm 45×45

100% Polyester (PET) made. Washable and resistant. Thickness: 17mm.
Size 40×40 cm, weight gr. 360. Size 43×43 cm, weight gr. 420. Size 45×45 cm, weight gr. 460.

Available colour: Black

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